Allison is a designer, artist, and organizer devoted to creative inquiry at the nexus of community, vulnerability, belonging, and resilience. Equipped with a background in anti-colonial feminist geography and a sensitivity to craft, she seeks to foreground our technological futures in a critical practice of care, ethics, and radical interdependence. Some of her current research interests include speculative fictions around race, diaspora, and disability; urban design interventions to meet escalating migration, displacement, and ecological needs; and the role of data and algorithms in carceral state expansion. She is happiest when she is working together with kind and thoughtful people in pursuit of less harrowing, more liberating horizons.

She has previously designed for places like Google, Facebook, NASA, IDEO, and Palantir, and has exhibited at galleries in Seattle and New York. Most recently, she was an artist-in-residence with BUFU at Eyebeam. In her spare time, she leads the Bay Area chapter of @BecauseWe’veRead, cooks community meals with People’s Kitchen Collective, and processes mail (actual, physical mail) for the Prisoner Advocacy Network. She’s currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area but likes to hop around.