Planned Parenthood Direct

FALL 2018

Redesigning the Delivery of Reproductive Healthcare with Planned Parenthood

Access to sexual and reproductive care in the US is broken and undermined by political lockout, mass misinformation, and cultural taboo. Thoughtful and inclusive design is critical to its delivery, as every friction-laden step prevents a number of people from getting the help they need. With Planned Parenthood Direct, for example, anyone in the US can now quickly use their mobile device to access quality healthcare. Services like these illustrate the central role design can play in Planned Parenthood's mission to champion reproductive safety and advance the rights of people to make informed and responsible healthcare decisions.

As we understand sexual and reproductive care to be a deeply personal and often stigmatized experience—one that many people are barred from accessing in person—the ability to distribute it ubiquitously yet individually over mobile device is especially novel. Conversational user interfaces can create private spaces online to help establish patient relationships, foster trust, and build real connection in spite of barriers. This project attempts to both broaden and deepen the Planned Parenthood Direct experience by reimagining it as a simple chatbot that can adapt seamlessly to other messaging platforms—and, in doing so, forge access to critical care that is both more interpersonal and more scalable.

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